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Discover engaging, enlightening stories about life, love, and spirituality. Revealing Light Productions hosts a beautiful collection of memoirs from intelligent authors with life experience to share.

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Learn more about the authors of our spiritual books. They have many talents that extend beyond writing and are experts in their fields, including photography and film production.

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Revealing Light Productions is a publishing company based in Gatineau, Quebec. We strive to bring personal stories to our readers that help connect you to nature and the world around you. Our focus is specifically on spiritual memoirs.

We understand that every stage of publishing is a long curve. Presently, we're hoping to expand our publishing services to other authors to help your story get the traction it needs to reach a wide audience. Our latest book American Mystic - Memoirs of a Happy Man is slated for release in early 2016.

Please give us a call to learn more about us or to order your copy of our latest book. We are proudly associated with AHAM (the Association of Happiness for All Mankind).

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